LKT Laboratories Inc Summer Internship in Chemistry in St Paul, Minnesota

This position is an internship experience over the summer of 2018. Successful candidates must have an intense desire to learn. The work includes interesting summer projects in a chemistry production lab. The Core Responsibilities are: -Provide support to scientists on assigned projects -Various tasks using lab instruments and equipment -Collaboration with other team members as required -Accurate documentation and communication Eligibility Requirements: -Be either a Minnesota resident or a student enrolled in a Minnesota institute of higher education -Cumulative GPA 2.5 or higher -currently pursuing a degree in chemistry or biology -at least 24 credits completed at a technical or community college, OR at least 60 credits completed at a four-year institution, OR pursuing a master s degree -at least 18 years of age when the internship begins -can provide proof of registration with or exemption from federal Selective Service (women are exempt)