Copper Mountain Resort Woodward Summer Camp Nurse in Soda Springs, California

For your application to be considered:

  • Please complete all questions in full
  • Submit a Resume
  • Provide 3 References

Position Summary:

Woodward Camp nurses are responsible for providing medical coverage to campers and staff and related administrative duties. Nurses will have responsibilities including medical paperwork, medical rescues, dispensing medication and caretaking for those individuals needing to spend periods of time in the camp infirmary. Nurses work under the supervision of the Camp Health Supervisor, and they work in conjunction with other camp medical staff including Ski/Bike Patrol and certified Athletic Trainers (ATCs) to provide medical injury coverage. Nurses will communicate campers' medical needs to appropriate staff so arrangements can be made to alter training and/or recreation as needed. Nurses are expected to assist campers in resuming activity as quickly and safely as possible. Nurses are expected to provide a quiet, professional, caring environment for those in medical need.

All camp employees are role models to our campers and should be prepared to represent the Woodward brand to the highest standard.

Essential Functions/Major Responsibilities:

  • The infirmary is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Nurses and other qualified staff rotate responsibilities for the overnight shift of 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. and will remain on call with radio contact.
  • Obtain and maintain health records on all campers and staff
  • Monitor health of staff and provide staff health screening
  • Conduct health screening of campers during check-in
  • Administer camper (and staff) prescription medications as directed by medical forms
  • Dispense over-the-counter medications as appropriate
  • Assess campers and staff who are ill or injured and determine if further medical attention is needed
  • Complete medical paperwork necessary for maintaining camp records, especially in cases where an individual is seen by off-campus medical personnel (i.e., hospital)
  • Monitor sick and/or injured campers and staff who need to stay in the infirmary for observation and determine the safety and timeline for returning campers to camp activity
  • Assist in stabilizing campers and staff requiring transportation to medical facilities
  • Contact parents of ill or injured campers and staff (if appropriate) and update them as necessary
  • Documentation of all injuries and care rendered. This involves documentation of all over-the-counter medicines, first aid treatment, communication with parents, doctors, or any other off-camp facilities
  • Ensure campers return home with all prescription medication, including those who may leave camp early for whatever reason
  • Maintain appropriate inventory of supplies, place orders or purchase replacements, including first aid kits in all activity areas of the camp
  • Monitor and evaluate camp procedures, conditions and facilities, and suggest improvements to promote more healthful conditions
  • Keep infirmary clean and organized
  • Monitor camper and staff hygiene and enforce hand washing protocols
  • Counsel campers as needed (such as homesick campers)
  • Work directly with the Health Supervisor, Ski Patrol, and ATCs
  • Establish and maintain appropriate routines including record keeping, accident/incident reports, managing and safeguarding medications, proper disposal of medical waste, utilizing approved standing orders, and routine inspections of camp areas
  • Make necessary appointments with community health care professionals
  • Participate in all staff training
  • Learn and follow through with safety regulations and emergency procedures
  • Other duties as assigned

Position Requirements:

  • Registered and licensed in the state of California
  • Background check
  • 2-5 years nursing experience
  • Valid Driver's license
  • Experience working with children
  • Summer camp experience a plus
  • Parent of a registered camper
  • Up to date resume
  • 3 references

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled