Chubb Philadelphia Digital Operations Summer Intern - 318724 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

DESCRIPTION/RESPONSIBILITIES: Along with daily responsibilities from his/her manager, interns will have the ability to participate in the Chubb Associate Program Summer Internship with interns across all disciplines at Chubb. Through the 8 week program, interns will have the opportunity to attend presentations and network with senior leaders, interact with current CAP Associates, participate in training on the Talent Portal and attend a community service event. The CAP Summer Internship will focus on developing interns in the following areas: * Communication * Personal Branding * Networking * Successful Interviewing * Community Service A summer internship at Chubb within the Digital Operations space will provide an opportunity to engage in a foundational area that is being developed and consistently evolving. In conjunction with gaining practical, real world experience at one of the world's leading P&C insurance companies. As an intern, you will have the opportunity to work on business specific projects where you will gain knowledge and experience to supplement and strengthen your academic skills. A benefit of exceling in the program is an opportunity to pursue full-time employment opportunities at Chubb after graduation. As part of our internship program you will receive: * Targeted business training designed to help you refine your professional skills and acumen critical to the success of Chubb professionals * Exposure to Business and Technical areas in Digital and Process Automation within a mature and highly successful organization * Technical training to deepen your skill level within your chosen discipline; and an understanding of our broader industry * Access to additional training to compliment your professional development Desired Qualifications * Competent working with Excel spreadsheets - cell manipulation and Excel functions * Competent creating PowerPoint presentations * Self-motivated/ driven * Inquisitive * Able to apply fresh/ outside perspective to established organization * Problem Solving and Critical Thinking skills * Interest in Digital Technologies, Process Automation, Continuous Improvement * Data analysis capability * Strong communication skills * Online research capabilities * Listening skills * Writing skills (ability to capture the essence of a meeting) * Time management and ability to work independently Responsibilities * Perform market research and provide updates to the team on emerging Digital trends * Create and maintain Excel spreadsheets to analyze data and inform business decisions * Communicate and present analysis findings * Create and maintain PowerPoint presentations * Learn and apply the basic tenets of project management * Attend meetings and document/recap minutes for distribution to attendees * Apply organizational skills to Confluence (tool to capture Process Automation artifacts) and socialize/ present recommendations to Operational Effectiveness team and leadership At Chubb, we are committed to equal employment opportunity and compliance with all laws and regulations pertaining to it. Our policy is to provide employment, training, compensation, promotion, and other conditions or opportunities of employment, without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, transgender, national origin, disability, genetic information, veteran, or marital status, or any other characteristic protected by law.