Belmont University Summer Conference Assistant 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee

Position Information

Position Purpose

The Summer Conference Assistant (CA) will be responsible for monitoring the residence halls occupied by participants of summer conferences. This position will serve as the trained para-professional staff and main point of contact in each building for purposes of maintenance and emergency issues, including on-call rotation and front desk operations. The purpose of the CA position is often simply to be a presence in the buildings when camps are present and assist with all preparation/close down of used buildings.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


  • All CA’s must attend and participate in all training, staff development, and building/room preparations.


  • A CA will be on duty from 8:00pm – 6:00am in each complex as needed.

  • When a CA is on duty, s/he is expected to work at the Front Desk from 8:00pm – 12:00am.

  • Duty hours/locations are subject to change.


  • Front desks will be open from 6:00am – 8:00am and 4:00pm – 11:00pm daily in each complex as needed. Exceptions apply as follows:
  • Desks may be open from 1pm – 4pm each Monday for check-in questions.
  • Desks may be open on Saturday or Sunday for group check in and check out.

  • CAs are expected to participate in the scheduling and working of desk shifts. The desk hours will be shared approximately equally by all staff members.

  • Duties for the front desk may include handing out keys, addressing lock-outs, answering questions, and checking conference guests in/out, among other responsibilities that may be assigned by the Summer Conferences staff.

  • Desk operation hours/locations are subject to change.


  • Manage Check-in & Check-out of conferences and summer orientation each week.

  • Organize and hand-out/retrieve keys

  • Assign rooms and spaces for guests

  • Answer and field questions from conference guests

  • Collect and distribute linen packages when needed

  • Report maintenance issues

  • Respond to and report emergency situations

  • Move/rearrange furniture according to needs of camp groups.

  • Address and report policy violations and conduct issues

  • Handle facility upkeep (key management, RCRs, etc.).

  • Other duties as assigned/requested by the office of residence life.

*Please note that all outside commitments (employment, academic, summer classes, internships, etc) beyond the CA position will not be permitted. This is a 40 hour a week employment opportunity that will in fact require and expect that time commitment.


All summer CAs must be current Belmont students, in good standing with the university and the Office of Residence Life.

Physical Requirements and Working Conditions

Should be able to lift 25lbs by yourself.

Additional Information

The majority of the work that Conference Assistants will do over the summer includes, but is not limited to, operating desks around campus, working check in and checkout shifts, assigning rooms, modified duty shifts, and possibly responding to emergencies as appropriate. Conference Assistants are not required to work with campers/conference attendees on programming, community building, or judicial confrontations. The stipend for a Conference Assistant is based on a 40 hour a week work schedule, but the CA should expect to work between 30 and 40 hours each week. The beginning and end of the summer will be reserved preparing the buildings for use, will involve opening and closing buildings, training, and other building preparation aspects. No vacation requests will be granted during this time.

Special instructions to applicants

If you have any questions, please contact

Position Title: Summer Conference Assistant 2018

Posting Number: ST01363

Posting date: 03/12/2018

Closing date: 03/28/2018

Internal Job Category: Student Employment

Hourly Rate: 7.50