Salvation Army - Mpls Temple Summer Day Camp Counselor in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Position Summary Provide leadership to children under your care, encourage participation in programming, implement activities, crafts, and ensure quality of the program. This is a Full-time position with a workweek expectation of up to 40 hours per week This position is a temporary full-time summer position without benefits Essential Duties and Responsibilities 1. Ensure the safety of the children in your care. 2. Supervise children 3. Greet and interact with parents daily when dropping off their children for the program. 4. Prepare and lead the activities assigned to you as part of the program each day, and participate during all activities, including those that are messy or wet. 5. Learn the likes/dislikes of each child in your group. 6. Look for ways to enable each child to experience success - celebrate their successes and encourage them to try again when they fail. 7. Recognize and take advantage of teachable moment s every day. 8. Use unstructured time to engage children in meaningful conversation. 9. Encourage respect for individuals and their differences. 10. Provide opportunities for discussion on individual or group problems or concerns. 11. Set a good example for children and others including cleanliness, punctuality, sharing clean up and chores, sportsmanship, and table manners. 12. Help participants develop a sense of fair play, accepting both winning and losing graciously. 13. Sit with and be attentive to children during lunch and snack times. 14. Lead in grace before each meal and teach proper table manners. 15. Carry a first aid kit during fieldtrips and ensure that it is properly stocked. 16. Be a constructive member of the staff contributing in every way possible to the health, harmony, and happiness of the Summer Day Camp. 17. Other duties as assigned.