WestCare Teacher - Summer Camp in Dayton, Ohio

Job Description:



Miracle Makers provides a safe nurturing after school environment for children K-5. The program priorities are academic tutoring, wellness, arts and culture.

Title: Miracle Makers Teacher

Reports to: Miracle Makers Director

Job Summary: The Miracle Makers Teacher is responsible for planning to achieve educational objectives and should be implemented in a safe manner

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Show up every day eager to work. Your consistent presence in the lives of our children is paramount to the success of this program.

  • Ensure that daily attendance is properly taken. Completed attendance forms are to the designated box in the Miracle Maker’s office. Forms must be filled out in compliance with licensing regulations which includes: students’ first name, last name, and birth date along with daily arrival and departure times. (Write in any incomplete information if not on sheet.)

  • Lesson Plan through doing research, finding materials, and offering your input.

  • Actively implement lesson plans and activities with children which stimulate their curiosity, keep them motivated, and further their interest in learning. It is your responsibility to ask for help, guidance, or suggestions to meet this goal if the children are not responding to the plans. You may be assigned to work with individuals or small groups within the class.

  • Participate in the program evaluation process by contributing feedback for the MM student portfolios; filling out the O-QAR, and completing pre & post tests for SDQ.

  • Problem-solve discipline issues using educational techniques and “Positive School Climate” method. Bring up any issues with Miracle Makers Director as needed.

  • During program hours report first to the Asst. Director any situation that involves children safety such as accidents, unsafe situations at the playground or at field trips, suspicion of child abuse of neglect, food conditions, etc. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.

  • Keep a respectful and productive relationship with all team member including parents, school staff, MM staff, and community members to create a positive learning and working environment.

  • Attend staff meetings, training, and retreats. Bi-monthly Miracle Maker staff meetings will be set each quarter. Trainings and retreats will be scheduled as needed.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Knowledge of education, childhood development, evaluation and curriculum

  • Ability to establish priorities, work independently, and proceed with objectives.

  • Ability to work with a wide range of people and backgrounds

  • Ability to handle and resolve recurring problems.

Credentials, Experience, and Requirements

  • Experience in working with children

  • At least a high school diploma is needed with plans for further education. Bachelor’s degree preferred with teaching background or teaching experience.

  • Current background check


The following is an overview of priorities for the position and program:

  • Improvement of academic skills and assistance so that individuals can go to college or further post-secondary education.

  • Prevention programming that helps individuals make healthy choices, delaying parenting, avoiding drug/alcohol abuse and involvement in crime.

  • Completion of innovative service projects with youth that give them a sense of meaning and purpose within the greater community.

  • Completion of evaluation and documentation necessary for funders.

Requisition Number: 3635

City: Dayton

State: Ohio

Job Title: Teacher - Summer Camp

Area of Interest: Administrative/Management